Perennial flower bed with black mulch

A beautiful garden begins with the right landscaping materials.

Creations Landscaping Products supplies high quality mulches, soil and aggregates at competitive prices in the Brighton, Northumberland, Quinte Area. We sell to home gardening enthusiasts as well as garden designers and landscaping professionals.

Conveniently located in the Brighton Industrial Park, our landscape products are available in the size you need, either by the bag or by the yard. For an order of bulk landscaping products, you can choose between picking it up yourself or having it delivered. you can choose to pick up your product yourself or have deliveries to your home in our 1 ton, 5 ton or tri-axle dump trucks. Need a lot? Ask us about pricing for dumptruck deliveries for larger quantities.

Creations Landscaping Products supplies:

Our product line is constantly expanding so if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask!

About Us

Creations Landscaping Products is a division of Steve Crowe Excavating Limited, a family-run business in Brighton, Ontario since 1987. With our experience and knowledge of earth products, adding landscape supplies to our existing excavating business made perfect sense for us, since we already have the expertise, convenient location, trusted suppliers and equipment to serve the local market.

Our service area includes Brighton, Trenton, Colborne, Presqu'ile, Grafton, Cramahe, Campbellford, Warkworth and Belleville.


Landscaping Products

  • Advantages of using Mulch: Keeps moisture in the soil, maintains a cooler temperature around plant base and supresses weeds. Mulch colorants are natural iron oxides that are environmentally friendly
  • GRO-MAX - Blend of Compost, Aged Pine Bark, Peat, and Soil
  • Triple Mix - Our own special blend of Humus Peat, Compost and Topsoil, ready for planting your flower/vegetable garden, or use to enhance your existing soil
  • Topsoil - A clean local soil screened by Steve, an economical topsoil that is great for sod and seeding
  • NEW! Grass Seed - Willowlee Emerald Green Grass Seed as sold by Willowlee Sod Farms, Belleville
  • NEW! Fertilizer - Willowlee Pre-Plant Starter Fertilizer & Willowlee Grow-in slow release Fertilizer
  • NEW FOR 2018! Sod - Call to enquire


Black Beauty Pine Mulch
Black Beauty Pine Mulch
Brown Mulch
Chocolate Brown Cedar Mulch
Cedar Mulch
Natural Cedar Mulch
Red Mulch
Red Devil Mulch

How Deep to Mulch

Apply coarse textured mulch in your gardens at 3 to 4 inches, and no more than 2 - 3 inches deep for fine textured mulch to allow air movement.

Keep mulch 2 - 3 inches away from plant stems to prevent decay caused by wet mulch.


Medium-sized drainage stone
Drainage Stone
Small pea stone
Pea Stone
Multi-coloured river rocks
River Stone
Decorative Pea Stone
Decorative Pea Stone

Landscaping Materials Calculator

Not sure how much material you need? Use our handy landscape materials calculator.

Please note that our calculator does not figure in compaction. To compensate for compaction, contractors generally add about 15% more. Often, rounding the number up to the nearest whole number is enough.

Total yards required:


This calculator will assist you in finding the number of yards needed using a formula based on the Volume of a Cylinder. (v = Πr2h)

cylinder image
  • ***You will need to know the radius and height in feet***
  • Radius is the measurement from the centre of the circle to the outer edge.
  • Height is the desired depth of the material

NOTE: If your measurements for radius or height are in inches, you must convert these numbers to feet before placing in the calculator
Examples: 3" equals 0.25' (3" divided by 12" equals 0.25 of a foot) Therefore 0.25 is the number you use in the calculator
6" equals 0.5' (6" divided by 12" equals 0.5 of a foot) Therefore 0.5 is the number you use in the calculator

   Unit of measure

Volume of Material Required =   Cubic Yards

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